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The Soloviev D-30 (now the Aviadvigatel PS-30) is a Soviet two-shaft low-bypass turbofan engine, officially referred to as a “bypass turbojet”. It is probably the single most important turbofan engine developed in the Soviet Union. Development of the turbofan spurred numerous growth versions with increased fan diameter and modified component arrangements.

Developed within an amazingly short period of time (about three years), the D-30 turned out to be one of the most reliable engines in the history of Soviet engine development, and its development was recognized with the USSR State Prize. Also installed on the Mikoyan MiG-31 supersonic interceptor aircraft.


Once upon a time producing 23,160lbs of thrust and powering an Ilyushin IL-76 and having travelled tens and thousands of miles around the planet finally had to retire from its flight missions into an Aircraft Graveyard. Instead of letting them to corrode in an Aircraft boneyard and sadly waiting for their fate to be cut and melted for scrap metal, we at Wings craft decided rescue these Turbofans which once powered the birds that ruled the skies in to very useful piece of engineering like this Titanium Blade Key chain.


From rusty and bland to a beautiful mirror polished finish and complemented with Love and Passion for Aircrafts these Titanium blade key chains are re-designed using a variety of engineering processes and methods at our workshop.

The result is a beautiful, light but strong and so unique in every way that they are captivating. The thought of them having been inside a Jet Engine under extreme conditions, is something that will inspire you and push you further every time you hold one of them in your hand. The Key Chain is a Titanium Blade removed from the 5th Stage Stator of an Soloviev D-30 Turbofan Engine. The Titanium Blade is removed, cleaned, Machined, several stages of polishing performed to achieve Mirror finish and finally Custom Laser Marked Logo. This is proudly a handmade piece of Aviation History.